About Ha Meem College


Ha Meem College was set up to provide a much needed place of traditional Islamic learning in West London for students of all ages and abilities seeking their Creator; through imparting sacred knowledge acquired from several leading scholars of this age with unbroken chains of transmission (Sanad) going back to the Prophet Muhammad (may the mercy of Allah and peace be upon him and his family).


“Verifiable chains of transmission are an integral part of this religion. Were it not for those chains, anyone could have said anything he wished [and attributed it to Islam]” 

- [Abd Allah b. al-Mubarak (d. 181/797), one of the greatest scholars of the second century AH]


The College offers a range of classes at various levels from beginners who may simply wish to study basic Fard ‘Ain (obligatory knowledge) subjects to those who may want to study advanced texts that can lead them to obtaining a written ijaza and thereby becoming an accredited Alim (coming soon!). The course structure is very flexible thereby catering for each and everyone.


Ha Meem College trains students in the varied principles of Islamic sciences coupled with a instilling a deep understanding of Islamic and Western History and values.

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