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Imaam Abu Hafs 'Umar ibn Muhammad an-Nasafi (d. 537) was born in a town called Nasaf near Samarkand in Turkestan. He was a great Hanafi scholar and author of some one hundred books on such diverse topics as fiqh, literature, tafsir and so on. Amongst his numerous titles are: the magnanimous Imam, Leader of the Muslim and Star of religion and nation.

He wrote a short, succinct and accurate summary of the authentic Muslim beliefs in his popular work, *Aqaa 'id an-Nasafi,.

'Aqa'id is the plural of 'aqidah, which means, 'to believe in something because of the certainty of its' truth.' This short treatise soon gained acceptance amongst the Ummah due to the fact that it was the most comprehensive and indeed complete summary on the subject of what the Muslim is to believe. This short tract has been highly praised by all the scholars for its brevity, accuracy and completeness.

Some 25 commentaries have been written on it. One of the most popular was the commentary written by S' ad ud-Din Taftazaani (d. 792 AH) Since then, it has been taught in Islamic schools and seminaries throughout the world, particularly in Central and South Asia.

The author compiled and enumerated some 59 points of belief, each one of them being established by a Qur'anic ayah or a sahih hadith. There is a consensus about all these fundamental beliefs mentioned in its' pages and there is no disagreement about them.

The text (with commentary) is expected to take approximately 1.5 years to complete.

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