LNS 11km Charity Walk
11 May 2014 11:02


The Four Rivers of Knowledge
05 May 2014 00:26

Translation of the Introduction to “Radiant Benefits of the Biographies of the Hanafis” (Fawaid Bahiyya fi Tarajim Hanafiyya) by Imam ‘Abdul Hayy Lucknowi, may Allah sanctify his soul and surround him with His mercy. Know that the essence of our prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and bless [ ... ]

Muslims in Britain

According to Islamic law (Shari’ah), it is necessary for Muslims living in a non-Muslim land, such as Britain, to be honest, upright and just. Specifically, it is completely forbidden for a Muslim who is living under the security of the non-Muslim state to engage in any form of violence or terrorism against his non-Muslim neighbours, as has been stated very clearly in the famous classical manual of Islamic law, ‘ The Hidayah.

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